Creating a CNAME record for any of the domain names or subdomains that you've got within a hosting account will permit you to forward it to a different domain/subdomain. The forwarded Internet domain will lose all of its records - A, MX and so forth, and will take the records of the domain it is being forwarded to. In this light, you cannot create a CNAME record to direct your domain to a third-party company and keep a functional e-mail service with the first provider. Also, it is important to note that a CNAME record is always a string of words and not a number because it is generally mistaken for the A record of the Internet domain being redirected. One of the main uses of a CNAME record is to forward a domain address that you own through one provider to the servers of another provider in case you have created a website with the latter. By doing this, the Internet site will appear under your own domain, not under some subdomain provided by the third-party company.

CNAME Records in Website Hosting

Creating a CNAME record using our website hosting is quite easy. Our in-house built Hepsia CP features a section dedicated to the DNS records of your domain addresses, so you can create a new CNAME record for any domain or subdomain hosted within your account in just a few basic steps. You will find a video tutorial in the same section where you can see the process first-hand. This feature gives you many opportunities - if you build a company site on our end, for example, the workers can use their e-mails with the company domain address, not with the address of our mail server. If you wish to create a website through a different company that offers online web design services, you can easily redirect a domain hosted here and use it for the website. Last, but not least, in case you have an on-line store and you have a billing system for and/or an SSL certificate, you may set up a CNAME record for the www subdomain and direct it to the main domain name, so all your clients will be forwarded to a secure URL.