If you host a site on a server, it uses the server's shared IP address - an exclusive number which is used to distinguish any kind of device connected to the Net. The website name which you use for the site is for easy accessibility and convenience of the site visitors, but on a lower level, their Internet browser connects to the IP of the server. Since there are a lot more websites than IP addresses, shared website hosting servers use a single IP for a variety of sites even in case they are owned by different users. While this does not affect the website performance directly, having a dedicated IP may slightly increase the loading speed of a given site, granting it better positions in search engine results. Such an IP is needed for the setup of an SSL certificate too, so if you would like to secure the payment or login information that your website visitors enter, you will need an IP in addition to the SSL.

Dedicated IP Address in Website Hosting

We offer dedicated IP addresses with all of our website hosting regardless of the data center location and you're able to purchase one or several IPs through your Hepsia Control Panel. A fresh section will show up as part of your account and you will be able to request, delete or view your IPs with a few clicks. You will be able to choose how many sites or subdomains will use a given IP since you can assign one with a couple of clicks to every hostname. For instance, www.domain.com can be your main website, which uses a server's shared IP, whereas shop.domain.com can be your subdomain where you offer services or goods on the web and it might have a dedicated IP address together with an SSL certificate. You can switch the IP that a site uses from the Hosted Domains section where you can also keep track which IPs are in use and which ones are available. You can also set a few of your sites to use the same dedicated IP as long as there's no SSL installed for it.

Dedicated IP Address in Dedicated Servers

Since all our dedicated servers offer three dedicated IP addresses as part of the plans by default, we shall give you a serious advantage if you wish to run any app that needs this kind of an IP. We supply them cost-free and you will be able to use them for as long as you use your server for anything you would like - child name servers for any domain name which you host, an SSL certificate for any website on your server, a software server (online games, VOIP), and so on. Using the Upgrades menu in the billing Control Panel that you'll get to control renewals, service upgrades and domain registrations, you can also buy more dedicated IPs in groups of three whenever you want. They will be assigned to your server within a few minutes, so you can start using them for your websites and web-based applications without delay.