Having total control of your domains is something rather important and being able to access and edit the DNS records for any of them is among the things you should look for when you search for a registration or a website hosting provider. Maybe you have heard of the so-called “name servers” that show where a domain address is hosted, but below them there's a whole set of records, such as the A record, which is the IP address of the server hosting the site, and the MX records, which show the server that manages the e-mails for a specific domain address. These records are used if you want to have your website with one provider and the e-mails with another, for example. You can also use a domain for a non-website service or direct the traffic to it using special records. Many companies ask for an additional payment to grant access to edit specific DNS records apart from the name servers.

Full DNS Management in Website Hosting

The user-friendly Hepsia hosting CP, that comes with each and every website hosting that we offer, gives you total access to all domain names which are hosted inside the account. With only a couple of clicks you will be able to see the DNS records for each and every domain which you host or subdomain which you set up. You may also set up or modify any kind of record that you'd like, based upon what you wish to do - A, AAAA, MX, TXT, SRV, CNAME, and so forth. This will permit you to define a mail server, point a domain address to a VOIP or online game server provided by another company, set up forwarding, and so on. You may even register private name servers for every Internet domain you have acquired through our company and use them instead of our standard ones not only for this domain name, but also for any other domain that'll be hosted inside the same account. The full DNS management service is provided totally free of charge.