InnoDB is a database engine for MySQL databases, which is used by well known PHP-powered web applications like Joomla 3 and Magento. It is perfect for scalable applications, since it performs unbelievably well when handling immense amounts of data. Rather than locking the entire table to enter new information into a database like many other engines do, InnoDB locks only one database row, so it can execute a lot more operations for the same length of time. In addition, InnoDB offers a much better database crash recovery and supports database transactions and foreign key constraints – rules that define how data imports and modifications should be handled. In case a given operation hasn’t been entirely completed for whatever reason, the action will be rolled back. Thus, the information in the database will stay safe and sound and will not be partially mixed with newly inserted content.

InnoDB in Website Hosting

InnoDB is available with all our website hosting by default, not as a paid upgrade or upon request, so you will be able to install and run any open-source script-based web application which requires the MySQL database engine without the need to deal with any complication once you order your shared account. InnoDB will be selected automatically as the default engine for a particular database during the app activation, no matter if you use our one-click installation tool or create the database and set up the application manually, as long as the application requires InnoDB instead of the more famous MyISAM engine. We’ll make daily backups of all your MySQL databases, so you can be certain that you’ll never lose any content if you erase a database by mistake or you overwrite some vital information – you simply need to notify us and we will restore everything back to normal.